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National Recognition for everybody dance!

En noviembre del 2014, el programa everybody dance!  de The Gabriella Foundation, recibió el reconocimiento National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award de parte de la Primera Dama Michelle Obama. Estos reconocimientos son otorgados a los programas de después de escuela que demuestran como las artes y programas de humanidades fuera del currículo escolar, enriquecen las vidas de los jóvenes a través de el aprendizaje de nuevas habilidades, nutriendo la creatividad, y construyendo seguridad en ellos mismos.

“Les enseñan a los niños mas allá de habilidades en las artes y humanidades- les prenden en fuego dentro de ellos; les ayudan a crecer emocionalmente y socialmente. Y como todos saben, eso tiene un impacto en la vida de nuestros hijos. No solo su éxito en las artes y humanidades pero también su éxito en la escuela y en sus vidas.”

-Michelle Obama


annual report

We are delighted to share with you our 2016 Annual Report, which was designed to bring you up close to our daily work that is transforming the lives of youth living in Los Angeles’ underserved communities.

Support from our donors...

makes it possible for our program to thrive.

$2500 Funds instruction for 50 dance classes
$1000 Sends two students to SummerDance Day Camp
$500 Rents a bus for a student field trip
$200 Pays for a student's training for one year

Wow!...We were all so impressed and magnificently entertained by your talented and gifted multi-age dancers...(T)he strength and variety of dance training you masterfully provide was clearly evident...you confirm the rumors I have heard, that you are a remarkable organization, based on high expectations, rigor and consistent results.

- Richard Alonzo, former LAUSD Local Superintendent -

changing the lives of students

“When I dance, I really feel confident and able to express myself.” – Mary Kate

Mary Kate started at GCS in Kindergarten. She was very quiet and astonishingly shy. Because of her shyness, in early elementary school, she struggled academically and wasn’t as successful in the classroom as everyone knew she could be. Teachers would ask her questions, but she would be very hesitant, almost afraid, to respond. “I felt that someone was going to laugh at me, or make me feel bad if I answered a question incorrectly. They might say, ‘Oh, she doesn’t know that.’”

It was then discovered that Mary Kate had an identified learning disability, but she happened to always be very capable and very engaged in dance from a very young age. When auditions were held for Alice in Wonderland, it was thought that Alice would be played by an older, more experienced ballet dancer. It was Mary Kate’s first audition and she wanted to be Alice. “But when she saw all of the bigger girls in higher ballet, she said, ‘Oh mom, I think we should go back.’”

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thank you to our 2017 donors!

  • California Community Foundation
  • The Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation
$50,000 to $99,999
  • The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
  • Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
$25,000 to $49,999
  • Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
  • Paula and Luppe Luppen
  • Los Angeles County Arts Commission
  • Joseph Drown Foundation
  • Kathy and John Kissick
  • Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation

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Paula & Luppe Luppen

Paula & Luppe Luppen

Nuestra relación con The Gabriella Foundation empezó porque la familia Axelrad era una familia muy importante que formaba parte de nuestra equipo de polo acuático en la escuela.